Are you a budding video game designer? Are you interested in creating unique, memorable games? Do you want to find great ways to make sure your characters are realistic and believable? If so, read these tips on designing characters that people will remember!

– Realism is great, but do not overdo it.
All great video game characters are a perfect combination of real life and your game’s fantasy world. Characters that have nothing in common with your game’s audience are too difficult to relate to, but characters that are too similar to that audience will be easily forgotten. Always give your characters a touch of the fantastic, the extreme, and the out-of-this-world.

– Give your characters depth.
This applies to their appearance and overall look as well as their thoughts, emotions and actions. It can be easy to include only the parts of your character which are necessary to the game’s storyline. However, try to think like a great writer: include background and plenty of details. Did your character get a scar in a pre-game battle? Do they have a

The graphics vs gameplay debate has been raging on in the video game community for years. Some gamers demand lush environments, character models where every muscle twitch is registered with pixel precision and full immersion into a world that looks and feels real. Others are more concerned about the fun factor, and are willing to accept less than perfect graphics if the gameplay is unique and engaging.

Graphical improvements in video games are slowly tapering off. Although new technology comes out every year, the changes are becoming increasingly more subtle. Gamers are simply not as impressed with upgraded graphics as they used to be. In response to this, smaller companies are releasing games that may not look as good as their counterparts from large teams, but are far more creative in the way they handle gameplay. Smartphone technology has accelerated this process, using touch based gestures in favor of standard controllers. This tech has opened up a whole new genre of gaming that casts aside powerful graphics and fancy user interfaces in favor of a crisp, clean look and simple

You know how your kids are constantly in front of the TV or online with your satellite playing game after game after game? Well here are a few of the reasons you should be happy they’re gaming and not doing something else!
Hand Eye Coordination – The more games your kids play the better their coordination becomes and that’s probably a good thing considering most gaming kids aren’t exactly all about sports. This will help them in numerous ways later on in life.
Working in Teams – Again, something your kids aren’t learning on the field but important, nonetheless. Teams in video games are crucial to success and it’s nice for your kids to develop relationships with other gamers and players in the area.
Strategizing – The more they play the better your kids will become at determining a solution for a very particular problem. Once they know how to problem solve effectively everything from work to social life will become easier.
Good luck getting them off the games…better yet, don’t even try – let ‘em play!…

There are many online games to choose from that can be very addicting. Some of these games can be available to play online through various websites. Bejewelled and Fortune Stones are just a couple games that are available to play for free online at any time.

Bejewelled has many types available, including the newest version Bejewelled Blitz. On Blitz mode, the player must score as many points as possible in one minute. This game can even be played with friends online to compete for the top score. The player must find the matching gems that are three, four or five in a row, when four or five are found, other gems are found which can bring many more points. It is not unusual to get lucky and have a 100 or 200,000 point game.

Fortune stones is a new game that can also be played with friends in either strategy or frenzy mode. Both modes the player can find different types of gems that bring more points, however; only in strategy mode can the player choose between leisure and timed …

Videogames started as something simple, with games like Pong and Tetris being purely about their gameplay. Nowadays, a story is a critical component to keeping players interested and engaged. There are a variety of ways to tell stories within video games with cutscenes being the most popular. However, newer games are utilizing in game events to tell stories in powerful ways.

The biggest thing that developers miss is the emotional connection. Before you tell a story about a powerful wizard who can change the world, you have to make your audience care about the character. Perhaps he is an orphan, or he is trying to save his sister. Creating emotional ties will keep the player far more interested than letting them have superpowers with no recourse.

Another common mistake developers make is creating a story that has nothing to do with the gameplay. Come up with a concept for how your game will be played and develop a story from there. It doesn’t make sense to make a story and then a game, because it’s a game after all.

Modern …