Terry Bennet Vares remembers the day she nearly died in 1982 as clear and cold–nothing out of the ordinary for January.

The plane was 8,000 feet above the North Carolina countryside. Inside were Vares and other members of the Golden Knights, the Army’s elite skydiving team. As the plane slowed and turned, Vares checked her equipment a final time and dove out of the rear door of the plane.

Ms. Vares.

To Vares and other competitors, skydiving is not a stunt, but a sport, and like other serious athletes, they work hard at their craft. Vares had taken over 2,000 jumps, and a national and world championship were in the back of her mind.

Once out of the plane, Vares began practicing the precise turns and rolls which, in competition, are evaluated by judges on the ground looking through high-powered scopes. The style part of skydiving was Vares’ strongest suit. The other part–accuracy–consists of trying to land on a target no bigger than a matchbox.

When her altimeter indicated 2,000 feet, Vares pulled the “D” ring to open her chute.

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different-pillowsSnoring can be very annoying, not only for a partner, but it also does not let the snorer sleep normally. However, if someone snores, the bed partner usually gets angry and goes to another room, and that can only lead to cold relationship; or partners splitting up. In order to help the snorer it is not enough just to look for stop snoring pillows or chin straps; instead the partner must follow some steps in order to make sure the snoring does not stay between them.

The first step is to help the snorer understand his problem, and if he is in denial, the non-snoring partner can always record the other partner’s sleep. After that comes finding the cause of the problem. It is crucial to support the snorer when he visits the doctor, and results will show if it is only about simple snoring, or sleep apnea, for example. The bed partner must understand that snoring is not intentional, and the snorer suffers as well. So both people must look for an answer. After some detailed research, the bed partner and the snorer will understand why the problem occurs, and if it can be solved with stop snoring pillows or other devices. If snoring is consequence of other health issue, the doctor can prescribe medications and lead toward lifestyle changes.

You may also want to consider a stop snoring mouthpiece. One of the best ones out there is the ZQuiet. See why ZQuiet discounts aren’t necessary here.

Snoreless Pillow Review: How Effective Is It?

Several websites are creating Snoreless pillow reviews in order to raise awareness to people who plans to purchase this kind of pillow. Some of them find these reviews helpful especially because it is not as affordable as a regular pillow. Aside from that, it gives them an idea whether the pillow is effective or not at all. Basically, the Snoreless pillow is not considered a treatment to snoring; rather it is only a tool that improves the anatomical position of the throat when sleeping. This means that sometimes, snoring takes place when sleeping position obstructs the airway.

When snoring persists for a long time, it is recommended to seek consultation from a physician or at least a well trusted website about snoring remedies. A healthcare professional usually

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The herd of elk was perfectly positioned for a stalk. I’d been hiking for an hour in the dark and was delighted when I spotted the animals about where I expected them to be when shooting light arrived. By making a half-mile circle, I’d be within 80 yards for the shot, and the wind was in my favor. It couldn’t have been better.

Suddenly an all-terrain vehicle roared in front of me, its two occupants heading in the general direction of the elk. The driver crossed a Forest Service fence where a gate was down and sped toward the herd. Moments later, the panicked animals bolted and then milled about in confusion even as one of the hunters jumped off the ATV and shot an elk.

I was livid and had to mentally restrain myself from confronting the hunters and having it out with them. The fact that they’d beaten me to the elk wasn’t the issue; it was the way they’d done it, as well as the fact that they had driven in an area that was closed to


trThere are certain circumstances that may lead to one applying for an innocent spouse tax relief. In case one has a cheating spouse, or perhaps their spouse has lost their job, they have to inform the IRS immediately to diffuse any back tax issue. To qualify for innocent tax spouse relief, there are some tips that can help one qualify. They include; meeting all the IRS deadlines- in case an individual is not aware of how their spouse is manipulating books as a result of their hidden financial activity, they may qualify as it will be considered that either your spouse had a different business that they ran independently, you did not share an account and therefore its details. Or, you did not benefit from the money that was as a result of the account manipulation.

Secondly, an applicant for innocent spouse tax relief has to show proof to the IRS that they meet certain conditions. A good tax relief company can help. These include having filed for joint tax return that is an understatement of tax, the tax understatement …


As much as we try to deny it, we all want to look our best. For many people that involves trying to correct complexion and dealing with skin conditions that many are just born with. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to look your best as long as you are doing it for yourself and not because someone is forcing you to or shaming you into it. While we are all taught to love our skin there are some aspects that we don’t have to love if we don’t want to. Many people have little bits of skin that stick up called skin tags. These little devils don’t discriminate and you can find them popping up in the folds of skin. They love to hang out on the neck, in the armpit (which sucks if you shave those regularly), groin area and under the breasts. They can get to 3mm in size but otherwise, they are pretty harmless.

While having a skin tag may not kill you, the fact that a single person can have anywhere from 1 to 100 of them on their body at any given time is less than wonderful. People who have skin tags and dislike them are always looking for ways to get rid of them. Just doing a quick Google search and you can see that there are many different ways to remove the buggers from your skin. The question then becomes: which method is easiest, quickest and/or more permanent? Not all removal methods can be fast, easy or permanent but there are many out there that try to be.

Between the creams, threading and freezing options that are available they aren’t really that quick. Freezing and using a cream can give more long-term results because it works at killing the cells of the skin tag from the inside but they can take up to two weeks before they show results. They aren’t always that flattering either as these options can possibly turn the skin tag black before it falls off. And yet, sites like this have plenty of skin tag removal cream options.

If you have a skin tag and you want it removed RIGHT NOW the only real option you have is to cut it off.

Yes, that’s right.

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My feet are getting dumber, no doubt about it. For the past year or so, they’ve spent far too much time shuffling about on city sidewalks, carpeted floors and smooth lawns. Any major ascents they’ve made have been on elevators and escalators. Under such conditions feet become soft, smug and complacent, and they soon lose any sense of self-reliance. They dumb down.

If you hunt and fish, you need smart feet. You need feet that can look out for themselves … and you, too. You can’t constantly be worrying about what they’re up to. You’re out to bag fish or game, not to babysit a couple of spoiled feet.

Let’s say you’re rushing up the side of a mountain in hopes of getting a shot at an elk before it disappears over a ridge. You can’t be telling your feet, “Watch out for that loose rock, Lefty! Sharp stick ahead, Righty! Hole! Deep hole!”

After all, your feet are a lot closer to the terrain than you are. They should be able to exercise some initiative and make judgments on

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Here’s how the drama unfolded. Lynn Bjorklund, 40, and her brother, Eric, 45, were beginning the second day of a backpacking trip in the 11,500-foot mountains of the rugged Pecos Wilderness area northeast of Santa Fe. Both were still sleeping in their tents when they heard a plane pass close overhead. Too close.

“It didn’t sound very good,” says Lynn, a reclamation specialist for the Bureau of Land Management, “and a moment later, we heard it hit the ground twice, followed by a huge explosion. I peeked out of my tent and saw the plane totally on fire just a couple hundred yards away. I couldn’t imagine that anyone could have survived the crash.”

And Bjorklund would know. An experienced search-and-rescue worker, she had recovered bodies before. That’s exactly what she thought she would be doing this time.

After pulling on boots and grabbing a first-aid kit, she and Eric ran down to the crash site. There they found, much to their amazement, that both the pilot and the passenger were still alive. Before the plane exploded, the pilot …


My main project currently is in improving the perception of video games as an artistic pursuit and opening up game development to a wider audience.  Even though video games are a cultural phenomenon today, they still remain underappreciated by some of our finest critics.  For example, Roger Ebert, whose film reviews I almost always respect, has consistently criticized video games in the past, saying, “One obvious difference between art and games is that you can win a game.  It has rules, points, objectives, and an outcome.  Santiago [Kellee Santiago, President, thatgamecompany] might cite a immersive game without points or rules, but I would say then it ceases to be a game and becomes a representation of a story, a novel, a play, dance, a film.  Those are things you cannot win; you can only experience them.” He later said that games may be art in a new sense, Direct TV, but he wasn’t going to try one to find out.  Well, why not?  What keeps people from exploring the new possibilities that video games offer? I think that the

“Modding” a game is the process of altering it so that you can play it in a different way, without actually changing a huge portion of the game in the process. Over the past few years, modding has become increasingly popular. Playing the same game can get boring over time, but with a few alterations you can change your gaming experience to be something entirely different within the same game.

The most popular computer game that players have modded is MineCraft. This game has literally dozens of mods out there that fans have made to make the game unique in a different way, depending on what mods you are using. There are some to make it play like a story line with quests and adventures, and even a mod that makes the game seem like Pokemon.

Computer games are getting a lot more replay value because of fan-made mods, and they are allowing players to put their own twist on their games. Being able to create your own spot within a game is a true gamer’s dream, and mods allow

In a market saturated with new material, it’s hard to track the latest and greatest independent game developers. We’ll break the most popular down here. Make sure to put these people on your watch lists.

First is Markus Persson, creator of a popular survival game involving mining and hiding from creatures that appear in the night. If you haven’t heard of him, that’s alright, he usually goes by his nickname, Notch. He started out programming for other game developers before striking off on his own.

Next we have a duo: Kyle Gabler and Ron Carmel. These two have created an immensely popular, physics-based game involving little balls of goo. These two both came from inside the industry, much like Notch did. Now they own their own company located in “whichever free wifi coffee shop they wander into.”

Lastly we have another duo: Dan Paladin and Tom Fulp, owners of an immensely popular flash movie and game website, as well as the co-creators of some of the most popular browser-based games ever. Dan Paladin in particular is someone to watch, having